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We’re moving our community online so that we can continue to reach out to you when you need it most. Here’s an A-Z of things to keep you occupied in isolation. Remember to keep checking in, we’ll be updating this article regularly with new sources of #cheer.


Mood Lifters

Now is your opportunity to try something new, behind the comfort of closed doors. Get into the swing of a news class before facing the live experience in the studio.

  1. Fitness studio Frame is offering ‘endorphins on demand’ with their selection of online classes. Lift your mood with their cult classics such as dance cardio and 80’s aerobics, plus barre, yoga and pilates.
  2. Newly appointed PE teacher to the nation, Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach, is streaming live home workouts for kids, every Monday – Friday 9am #PEwithJoe.
  3. Yoga Club has gone digital at Barefoot Yoga studio in Birmingham. As one of our brand partners we’re supporting this local studio by rolling out their online classes to all of our residents with a firm, seal of approval.
  4. We’re launching a Way of Life digital fitness platform with over 650 classes for all of our residents and suitable for all ages. Look out for your unique link and code to set up access.


Community Spirit

Staying local means your choices are simplified, but not compromised. Here are some suggestions about how you can do your bit for the neighbourhood.

  1. Visit COVID-19 Mutual Aid and find out what you can do in your local area. Please make sure you are in good health and take all necessary precautions first.
  2. Join the health heroes and sign up to be an NHS Volunteer. You can help even when you’re stuck indoors, by telephoning those at risk of loneliness as a result of self-isolation.
  3. Your favourite local restaurants might have closed their doors, but that doesn’t mean they’ve closed their kitchen. Many are now offering a takeaway option and you can still purchase vouchers to help the old cash flow situation until things get back to normal.
  4. Did you know off-licenses are considered an ‘essential service’? This means independent wine shops and craft beer hot spots are still in action. Over to you…
  5. Whilst the supply of fresh flowers grinds to a halt, The Flower Plant in Leicester have something tucked away for a rainy day. Check out their beautiful dried flower bouquets, just the pick me up someone might need right now?
  6. If food shopping is all we can do these days, you may as well make it count. Independent zero-waste shops are doing a good thing, and need our support right now. Plus, they’re way more fun. Nada in Leicester, McCalls Organics in Manchester and The Clean Kilo in Birmingham are ones we like. If you can’t get out, jump online to Plastic Freedom where you’ll lose yourself for hours in a plastic free paradise.
  7. By now we’re all well acquainted with video call apps such as HouseParty and Zoom. But if the long video-calls aren’t for you, check out Marco Polo, a video app designed to make you feel closer to loved ones, without having to perform live. Eek.
  8. The Coronafriend project helps people offer support to their neighbours and ensure that nobody is left isolated. Take responsibility for a street or area in your neighbourhood and distribute CoronaFriend postcards to ensureanyone who needs help knows it’s available.


Nourish: Mind, Body & Soul
  1. Way of Life’s Group Chef and Nutritionist Hope Pointing is sharing healthy recipes and nutritional tips to anyone looking for some foodspiration right now. Keep an eye out for her live cooking demos launching soon. Did you know she was the youngest ever contestant of MasterChef UK to reach the quarter finals?
  2. Make some head space during isolation and visit Mind mental health charity for accurate information on how to look after your mental health and wellbeing during these unprecedented times. Crisis hotlines and signposting to support and information that you might need is all there.
  3. Pause, from Mind are small moments of ‘me-time’ delivered to you on a monthly subscription. Designed to encourage creativity, relaxation and reflection – to boost your personal wellbeing, the subscription fee is donated, in full, to Mind. Way of Life have signed up all NHS workers and vulnerable residents living in our buildings to receive the Pause box on a monthly basis.
  4. We have partnered up with industry experts to carefully curate all the music in our buildings and are sharing these playlists now with you whilst the communal areas remain closed during the lockdown. Discover ‘Soundtracks for Home Use’, available for free on Spotify.
  5. Can’t get outside? Then bring the outside in. Nothing is better for the soul then a couple of leafy houseplants. Get in touch with some of our favourites, Barry’s Cactus Club, The Flower Plant and Patch Plants to get those green fingers going.
  6. For everyone feeling a little bit homesick during these self-isolating times, tune in on Radio Garden to listen to your favourite radio station, anywhere in the world.
  7. Some of us now have on top of their dayjob also become full-time chef, home entertainer, teacher and even personal trainer. Sounds familiar? Then Juno, an online wellness concierge, might be perfect for you.


Art & Culture
  1. Travel the world from your sofa and visit museums all over the planet. If you don’t know where to start, here is a selection of some of the finest ones: British Museum in London, Guggenheim Museum in New York, Musée d’Orsay in Paris, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul and the Pergamon Museum in Berlin.
  2. Online quizzes, choirs, languages, seminars, book clubs, wine tastings and virtual Harry Potter themed Escape Room. You name it, there’s a digital version available. Share your suggestions with us so that we can post them to the Way of Life community.

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